Streamline Exterior


Streamline Exterior maintains the damaged exterior bodywork and paintwork of your vehicle from general wear and tear of day-to-day driving.

Streamline Exterior gives you cover up to R3000 (Inc VAT) per claim.


Streamline Exterior protects you for the following :

  • Minor Dents – A dented area on the vehicle up to a maximum of 15cm in diameter and can be restored by Paintless Dent Removal technique (A ripped or torn panel is not a minor dent and will not be fixed if damage is more than R3 000).
  • Minor Scratches – A scratched area on the vehicle is where the scratch is up to a maximum of 15cm in length.
  • Rims and Mags – Wheel rims or mag wheels which are damaged and restorable.
  • Tar Spots – Remove and restore an unlimited number of tar spots up to the service value.
  • Stone Chips – An area which can be filled and sealed to prevent corrosion. (The damage will remain slightly visible).

The Streamline Exterior policy is a must for anyone who owns a vehicle and would like to look after it by keeping it in top shape. Please fill in the following quick contact for below and an agent will give you a call to discuss our Streamline Exterior policy further.


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