HondaSure Household Contents

HondaSureHondaSure Household Contents covers all your personal possessions which are inside Your home and which belong to You and any members of Your household who live with You. Underwritten by The Hollard Insurance Company Limited (an authorized FSP)



HondaSure Household Contents insurance covers household goods and personal effects in the Dwelling or Outbuildings belonging to You or in which You have a financial interest, including goods used for Your employment, business or profession up to the maximum liability as stated in the Schedule of Insurance.

Some of the goods that HondaSure Household Contents covers are:

  • fire, lightning, explosion;
  • malicious damage;
  • storm, wind, hail, snow or flood excluding loss:

 to property in the open, unless the property is designed to exist or operate in the open; arising from any process requiring the application or use of water unless by public authorities in extinguishing a fire;

  •  earthquake
  •  bursting, leaking or overflowing of water or oil from tanks, apparatus or pipes, excluding damage to these items itself;
  •  impact with the Dwelling or Outbuildings containing the Insured Property by vehicles, animals, aircrafts, other aerial devices, or anything that falls from them, or falling trees except in the event of trees being felled by any person.


  •  theft or attempted theft or Burglary or attempted Burglary from:

 the Dwelling

 any Outbuildings, limited to the amount stated in the Limit Annexure in the Schedule of Insurance for any one Insured Event unless the theft out of the Outbuilding is accompanied by Burglary;

 any furniture storage depot, or a bank safe deposit if specified;

  •  theft:

 from the grounds of the Dwelling of laundry, garden furniture and swimming pool equipment, limited to the amount stated in the Limit Annexure in the Schedule of Insurance for any one Event;

 whilst being moved by professional removers during a permanent change in the Risk Address of pedal cycles, from the Dwelling or Outbuildings following Burglary, limited to the amount stated in the Limit.

HondaSure Household Contents is a must for any South African. Make the right decision and get a HondaSure Household Contents policy simply by filling in the following form below.

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