HondaSure Building Insurance

HondaSureHondaSure Building Insurance is the perfect insurance to cover your risk in your residence that you reside and the Outbuildings situated at the Risk Address. Underwritten by The Hollard Insurance Company Limited (an authorized FSP)



Some of the HondaSure Building Insurance benefits include:


  • We will Indemnify You provided that if, at the time of loss, the value of the Dwelling (including the cost of demolition and professional fees) amounts to more than the Sum Insured, You will be Your own insurer for the difference and will bear a rateable proportion of the loss; or  You may choose within 6 (six) months of the Date of Loss or destruction or damage to reinstate the Dwelling on the same site (or on another site and in the way You want subject to Our liability not being increased) as nearly as possible to its condition when new, provided that:
  •  The reinstatement must be started and finished in a reasonable time otherwise We will Indemnify You in terms of 1.1;
  •  We will not be liable for any amounts exceeding the cost which would have been payable in terms of 1.1 and We will only be liable to pay such costs when they have been incurred by You;
  • If at the time of re instatement, the cost (including the cost of demolition and professional fees), which would have been incurred in reinstating the Dwelling had it been totally destroyed, exceeds the Sum Insured of the Dwelling at the time of destruction or damage, You will be Your own insurer for the difference and will bear a rateable proportion of reinstatement.
  • We will not be obliged to reinstate or repair the property until You have made arrangements to Our satisfaction for payment of Your rateable proportion of the loss.

HondaSure Building Insurance can be taken with ease, so why not take out a HondaSure Building Insurance today and you could save thousands of Rands in the event of a claim. Simply fill in the quick contact form below.

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